TimeTravelerFree Download of TimeTraveler 1.3

1. Download and install TimeTraveler 1.3 (Version 1.3.6216 - January 7, 2017)

  • Download and run "TimeTravelerSetup.msi" (6.7 MB).
  • You may be prompted to install the .NET Framework. If you are not taken there automatically, download and install the Miccrosoft .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile or later version of the framework from the Microsoft web site. Restart the TimeTraveler install file after installing the framework.

2. (Optional) Download and install additional voices for the talking clock feature. This may be installed at any time to enhance TimeTraveler's speech capability.

  • Download and run "TimeSpeechSetup.msi" (10.1 MB), including Microsoft Mike, Mary, and Sam voices.

3. (Optional) Register your copy. After you have tried TimeTraveler, we request that you register your copy, free of charge by following the instructions on the TimeTraveler Registration page.

4. (Optional) Please send any comments or bug reports to the email support address at the bottom of this page.