Some users ask me why I give away Expresso for free. The simple answer, I enjoy the contact and feedback from my users. Here is a sampling of comments received in one week.

"Awesome application!" - David, August 10

"Thanks for the great program. I have tried demos of other regular expression programs and yours is better by far, for ease of use and for explaining what is going on. It is a five-star product, better than the other costly products on the market." - James, August 10

"Great program! It just now appeared to me that it's free! :)" - Vincent, August 10

"After many years of struggling with regular expressions, I finally can get some use out of them. Thank you for your wonderful tool." - Galina, August 8

"This software is the greatest regular expression development tool I've experienced so far!" - Aeolus, August 8

"The program is fantastic. Thanks." - Petr, August 8

"Holy smokes, I love this tool. It’s the first thing I grab if I have a marginally confusing Regex to build." - Kevin, August 8

"This is an excellent program. You have helped me solve some really tough problems." - Gavin, August 5

"I like your utility. I've used a bunch of others, but you seem to pull together the best combination of features/utility/ease-of-use, etc." - Sam, August 5

"Great tool!!!" - Daniel, August 5

"This is a fantastic application, I used it constantly. Regular expressions are the GREATEST!!!!" - Jeffrey, August 4

"Love the Program. I am a coldfusion developer, but I use regexp's quite often and this helps me speed up my coding dramatically. Thanks so much for the product." - Jonathan, August 3

"I think your project is fantastic. It's really helped me to understand regular expressions. Thanks for sharing such a great app!" - Jared, August 3

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