ClockTimeTraveler 1.3

A Multipurpose Clock for Windows


TimeTraveler is a highly versatile clock, timer, and stopwatch for the Windows desktop. It can be configured with any number of clocks, each customized by color, format, function, and time zone. Use it to keep track of your colleagues in other time zones, to set alarms for cooking, to time your presentations, to announce the time at periodic intervals, or to wake you up with music.

  • Multiple time zones
  • Create any number of alarm clocks, stopwatches, and countdown timers
  • Transparent, semitransparent, or opaque display
  • Convert time between zones with Time Converter
  • Play *.wav, *.mp3, etc. for alarm sound, with snooze feature
  • Talking clock announces time with synthesized voice
  • Customizable fonts, colors, sizes, and formats
  • Automatic or manual network time synchronization